Adopt-a-park or road is a city-wide program that encourages community involvement in the care and maintenance of parks and roadways. It is a partnership between volunteers and the City.


Volunteers take on park or roadway clean up projects to improve safety and promote a healthy natural environment by keeping the City clean, green, and free of litter and graffiti. In addition, by removing the debris and litter from the City streets, it ultimately protects the water quality of our rivers and fish habitats.

Adopt volunteers make a commitment to cleaning up a park or roadway:

  • A minimum of twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall
  • For a period of two to five years to provide continuity

To acknowledge these important efforts, a sign presenting the name of the adopting individual or group is displayed on the park or roadway throughout the adoption period.


FCCA has previously adopted Dragonfly Park and is currently adopting Diamond Jubilee Park (up for renewal in October 2020). The board is also considering adopting one of the following street segments / parks.
  • Bank St from Leitrim Rd to Findlay Creek Dr
  • Bank St from Blais Rd to Findlay Creek Dr
  • Bank St from Blais Rd to Leitrim Rd
  • Turtle Park (720 White Alder Ave)
  • Dragonfly Park (2920 Findlay Creek Dr)
  • Tiger Lily Park (211 Hillman Marsh Way)