Annual General Meeting 2021

Board members


Returning:                Charbel Saade, Treasurer

                                    Della Vaslet-Thomson, Business Relations

                                    Steve Gilroy, Rink Coordinator

                                    Julie Lynn, Green Team


New:                           Della Vaslet-Thomson, President

                                    Sabrina Beauchamp, Vice President

                                    Heather Riddell, Secretary                                    

                                    Kanwal Dewan, Government Relations

                                    Emilie Nichols, Public Relations/Communications

                                    Sarmistha Mansoor, Membership Coordinator

                                    Cheryl Gandier, Recreational Coordinator                                    

                                    Rebecca Hubble, Community Outreach                                    

                                    Courtney Smith, Non-Member Liaison 

                                    Emran Kahn, Business Relations

                                    Kaveeta Aljouani, Transportation and Safety

                                    May Al, Youth Coordinator

                                    Angie Pasquini-Dunn, Event Coordinator    

                                    Zack and Alissa, Student Representatives                                        


Stepped down:         Caroline Gallant, Vice President

                                    Karim Najjar, President

                                    Andrea Howey, Secretary

Vacant Positions:    Social Media Coordinator

                                    Web Guru

                                    Volunteer Coordinator                                    



Memberships for the 2019-2020 period were at a total of 210, which is down a bit from the previous year (229). This year we had a few more people register online and the addition of the e-transfer option seemed to appeal to people as this is how most chose to pay.

The Board of Directors opted to delay the annual renewal period until a discussion at the AGM in October about membership levels and options.

Community partners, sponsors and membership associates

The FCCA was pleased to continue our relationship with 12 Community Partners and add 3 new Community Partners to the Findlay Creek Family![1]

These companies pay a yearly fee to be community partners. We greatly appreciate their support.

For the current membership year, we have retained 17 retailers (Membership/Business Associates), who offer preferred rates to FCCA membership cardholders. This year we hope to strengthen our relationships with our community businesses. We look forward to working more with our partners in Findlay Creek.

As always, we do appreciate our area businesses who support the events that the FCCA puts on each year. In addition to our Community Partners and Membership Associates, businesses such as Bulk Barn, Freshco, and McVeigh Realty have been great friends to the FCCA and we thank them for their help.


Although not a formally tracked portfolio in 2018-19, the FCCA maintained ties with the established Vimy Ridge Public School and its School Council. We enjoy good collaboration with both school and Council.

Vimy Ridge Public School is increasing in population with the addition of 5 portables (for a total of 9) for the 2019/20 school year. FCCA will continue to work with city and school board officials on planning for future schools in the coming years.



The winter of 2018-2019 saw some extremely low temperatures which extended the Diamond Jubilee rink life. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers we were able to open our rinks in accordance with the City of Ottawa schedule.

Dedicated volunteers were recognized ‎with gift certificates (a small token of our immense appreciation) for their ongoing effort to upkeep Diamond Jubilee rink.  Without these amazing volunteers we could not provide any outdoor space during the winter. We thank our volunteers, and we are working to engage more residents to volunteer for our rinks.

Parks and Recreation:

 Phase Two of Diamond Jubilee Park began this year with land being cleared and storm water drainage work initiated.  Phase 2 of Diamond Jubilee Park is proposed to have an area of 4.2 ha and will be located to the north of the Phase 1 park and White Alder Avenue, and west of Kelly Farm Drive. 

The Phase 2 property is located on part of 4151 and 4201 Albion Road.  The Phase 2 park development is proposed to include a full-size soccer field, an ultimate Frisbee field, two lit tennis courts, a fenced-in dog park, a 33-space parking lot, pathways, and landscaping.  The ultimate Frisbee field will replace the existing mini soccer field.  

 Greenspace Concerns:

 Findlay Creek has encountered issues again with regards to invasive species. The first problem has been the Emerald Ash Borer is a non-native, highly destructive wood-boring beetle that feeds under the bark of trees. This beetle has infected and killed a number of trees in our community, some of which the City has removed.

As part of its emerald ash borer management strategy, the National Capital Commission (NCC) removed approximately 100 ash trees affected by the emerald ash borer, which are located near 3798 Bank Street.

The work was undertaken during the week of August 13 to 17, 2018.  In addition, they removed approximately 38 ash trees affected by the emerald ash borer near Fox Hollow Crescent and Wyldewood Street.  That work was undertaken between August 20 and August 24, 2018.

 The Green Team:

The Findlay Creek Green Team also formally joined the FCCA and have led the community cleanup initiatives with resounding success.  Over the past year, they have spearheaded the efforts to collect 21 bags of garbage to keep the community looking beautiful and clean.

 Roads and Transportation

Over the 2018/19 year, the FCCA has worked steadily with both community Ward Councillors (Wards 20 & 22), to improve safety of our streets and to enhance infrastructure. Speeding and traffic safety have been noted as particular areas of concern which we continue to advocate for stronger measures.  In 2019/20, we anticipate that more of Findlay Creek will be declared a “community zone” with lower speed limits.

Events and Activities


The events calendar in 2018-19 was a busy one as usual:

  • Annual Community Fun Day (August 6, 2018). This event has grown every year, with approximately 1,000 people attending.  $7,908.34).
  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on October 11, 2018 combined with an all-candidates forum for Ward 22 for the upcoming municipal election. Approximately 30 FCCA members FCCA attended.
  • Annual Breakfast with Santa was held on December 2 – and as usual, the event was sold out with some 300 Findlay Creek residents attending. ($1,740.38)
  • FCCA Winterfest in February 18, 2019. The fourth year for this event, saw increased attendance. ($2,479.20)
  • Only one rink (Diamond Jubilee) in Findlay Creek was operational for the 2018/19 skating season – but a huge vote of thanks go to the volunteers who made the ice and kept it going. Volunteers are needed to establish and maintain rinks.
  • May 4, 2019 we held our annual Clean-Up the Capital. There was an excellent turnout of residents to help clean the post winter clutter.  Findlay Creek were winners once again for the coveted Golden Garbage Can in the annual friendly competition with Riverside South. We maintain a great relationship with the RSCA and look forward to this contest every year.
  • June 1, 2019 saw the annual Community Garage Sale, with many community residents taking part. The success of this event is greatly enhanced by Brenda Mason, who volunteers to develop a map showing where the households participating in the sale are located and what type articles they have for sale.

These events are possible due to the support of community members, Community Partners and local businesses that volunteer goods or services.

 Volunteering and Youth Engagement

The FCCA continued its expanded its use of automation and tools for volunteer engagement this year. was used for Community Fun Day planned for August 6, 2018, garnering more than 30 volunteers covering over 50 tasks and activities.  In addition, and Eventbrite were used for Breakfast with Santa and Winterfest events.

 Special thanks go out to all the volunteers who have supported the FCCA with the invaluable gift of their time – we appreciate the work all volunteers have done!

Communication and Online presence

The FCCA continues to use four online tools to communicate information to our members and residents: our website (, our social media accounts, Twitter (@FindlaycreekCA) and Facebook/findlaycreek, and through our monthly email newsletter. All of our online measurables, have gone up over the past year. The ‘Findlay Creek Community Association’ Facebook page has 1,663 likes, up from 1,421 last year at this time, an increase of 242. Our Twitter account now has 509 followers, up from 441 last year at this time.

The FCCA transitioned to a new web hosting platform this year. is now host to and offers great flexibility and useability.  We look forward to expanding and enhancing the website in the months and years to come.

The Wind Signs that the FCCA operated for many years have slowly either eroded away or met with vandalism and have now been removed.  The FCCA will explore, within budget allowances, further advertising mechanisms.

In the coming year

In the coming year, the FCCA will be focusing on the rapid expansion and development in the area. This includes a number of areas including housing, parks and recreational, roads and infrastructure as well as business development. The area is going through a growth spurt and the FCCA is committed to working with all parties to manage this growth so that it is sustainable and provides the most benefit to our residents.  We continue to work with the City for much needed infrastructure such as a centrally located community centre and our surrounding roads to meet the additional demand.  In addition, the FCCA will place a focus on safety and security in the community and both promote the value of reporting and advocate for stronger safety measures for residents.

 [1]Klukes Roofing, Asthetica Day Spa and Esthetics, Platinum Mortgage Ottawa,Tiny Hoppers Findlay Creek, Shoppers Drug Mart Findlay Creek, CIBC Findlay Creek, WO Stinson & Sons, HN Homes, Dave Power & Associates, Sunlife, Restoration 1, JavaHub*, Marat Lerner Realty*, Brenton Zinck Realty*  (* New)