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The Findlay Creek Community Association (FCCA) is a volunteer-run organization that supports and advocates on behalf of residents, businesses and groups in our beautiful city of Ottawa. The FCCA is run by a volunteer Board of Directors that meet regularly to work on behalf of the community and to highlight our local business members through

FCCA will be on the front lines of important, social, cultural, environmental and community issues. We respond in many ways to the needs of the Findlay Creek residents and businesses; fostering and supporting them to fully and actively engage in community and civic life. 

This happens through the provision of social, recreation and sports programs, through neighbourhood improvement initiatives, and through direct input into planning and traffic issues, and other public affairs. 

FCCA assists in mobilizing citizens and local resources to make a vital contribution to community life – enriching the quality of life and well being of our community. 

FCCA will provide a shared sense of citizenship and inclusion. Findlay Creek residents have benefited from FCCA, which is an anchor for community life. 

Cost of Memberships

The cost of the membership collected goes directly towards the efforts & events that FCCA takes on, on behalf of the community. 













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