Goldie Ghamari

Member of Provincial Parliament for the riding of Carleton.

Goldie Ghmari is a Canadian politician who was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario during the 2018 general election. She represents the riding of Carleton, and is a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

Pierre Poilievre

Conservative MP for Carleton (Ontario)

Pierre Poilievre is a six-term Member of Parliament, former Minister of Employment and the current Conservative Shadow Minister of Finance.

Carol Anne City of Ottawa Councillor

Carol Anne Meehan

Ward 22 City councillor
Gloucester south nepean

Carol Anne is a native of Pembroke, Ontario. She studied journalism at Ryerson University and embarked on a career that saw her work in many Canadian cities, including Pembroke, Sudbury, Edmonton and Calgary.

She moved to Ottawa in 1989 to join the CJOH News team as co-anchor with Max Keeping, a position she enjoyed for 27 years.In 2015, Carol Anne launched a web blog called Local Stories, Local People.  She also hosted The Carol Anne Meehan Show on 1310 NEWS.  She followed that with Coffee With, a series of interviews with local residents.

George Darouze

George Darouze

Ward 20 City Councillor

Residents of Osgoode Ward first elected George Darouze to Ottawa City Council in October, 2014 and he was re-elected for a second consecutive term in 2018.

George immigrated to Canada from Lebanon in 1990 and has lived in the Ottawa area since that time. He and his wife Sue quickly became comfortable with the Ottawa lifestyle and decided Greely was the best place to raise their two sons, John and Tony. George and his family, including his parents (John and Teresa), two brothers (Tony and Elie) and sister (Mariane), are all proud to call Ottawa home.