Sign up for Membership !

Being an FCCA member has its rewards.

  • 1 Membership Per Household
  • Heavily discounted tickets for community events (Breakfast with Santa, Winter Carnival, Community Fun day and others).
  • Admittance to member only events including our AGM.
  • Voting Right at our Annual General Meeting. Your voting right provides you with a voice in your community’s growth, development and maintenance.
  • You are eligible to vote (one vote per household) on major issues facing the community (when appropriate).
  • The right to vote to elect a Board of Directors at the AGM Annual Election.
  • Community relationships and awareness, The FCCA Board meets regularly to stay up-to-date with ongoing issues and share ideas. Members are invited to attend and can contact the President at to show interest.
  • The FCCA works on community related matters including safety, development and planning, traffic and transportation, municipal by-laws, and community affairs. Your dues are put towards maintaining them.

Fostering a sense of community, belonging and safety can only be done through opportunities to meet your neighbours.

Please note that membership IDs and stickers will not be used anymore. Email at signup will be your ID and can be verified at any time by one of our team members.

For members that want to renew their annual membership but can’t pay online; please mail your cheques to our address at P.O Box 60032 Findlay Creek K1T 0K9 and ensure that you include your email on the cheque.

Group discounts are currently on hold with no solid updates yet. Once the board has a total number of members (Ball Park), a business case with a value proposition can be created for discounts and possible non-local business group incentives.

Annual Membership

1 Year Residential FCCA Membership (July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022).