In and around Findlay Creek

Vimy Ridge School (Large)

Vimy Ridge Public School

Address: 4180 Kelly Farm Dr, Gloucester, ON K1T 4J2
Téléphone : (613) 425-4400
School schedule: 9:15-15:45

Riverview Alternative School (OCDSB)
Address: 260 Knox Crescent, Ottawa, ON K1G 0K8
Telephone (613) 733-6898


St.Thomas More School

Address: 1620 Blohm Dr, Ottawa, ON K1G 5N6
Téléphone : (613) 739-7131
School schedule: 8:30-15:00


Ridgemont High School

Address: 2597 Alta Vista Dr, Ottawa, ON K1V 7T3
Telephone : (613) 733-4860
School schedule: 9:00-15:10

Canterbury High School (art school, need to apply and be accepted)
Address: 900 Canterbury Ave, Ottawa, ON


St. Francis Xavier High School

Address: 3740 Spratt Rd, Gloucester, ON K1V 2M1
Telephone: (613) 822-7900
School hours: 8:00-14:10

École élémentaire publique Gabrielle-Roy

Address : 3395 D’Aoust Ave, Gloucester, ON K1T 4A8
Téléphone : (613) 733-8301

École élémentaire publique Michel-Dupuis

Address : 715 Brian Good Ave, Manotick, ON K4M 0H3
Telephone: (613) 742-1867


École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Bernadette

Address: 3781 Sixth St, Gloucester, ON K1T 1K5
Telephone: (613) 521-0875
School schedule: 8:05-14:35


École élémentaire catholique Bernard-Grandmaître (horaire équilibré - Balanced schedule)

Address : 4170 Spratt Rd, Gloucester, ON K1V 0Z5
Telephone: (613) 820-3814
School schedule: 9:10-15:40


École élémentaire catholique Lamoureux

Address : 2540 Kaladar Ave, Ottawa, ON K1V 8C5
Telephone : (613) 731-3713
School schedule: 9:10-15:40

École secondaire publique Pierre-de-Blois

Address : 1310 Chapman Mills Dr, Nepean, ON K2J 3T9
Telephone : (613) 825-4232


École secondaire catholique Franco-Cité

Address: 623 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G 1N7
Telephone: (613) 521-4999
School schedule: 9:15-15:35

École secondaire catholique Pierre-Savard

École secondaire catholique Pierre-Savard

Address: 1110 Longfields Dr, Nepean, ON K2J 0H9
Telephone: (613) 820-7293
School schedule: 8:05-14:15

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