Community Consultation: White Alder Traffic Calming

The Feedback Survey is Open until August 5, 2022 can be found Here:…/white-alder-avenue-traffic-calming…

Source: Taken from the City of Ottawa website:
This plan includes:

  • 2 Pedestrian Crossovers (PXO’s)
  • A raised PXO at Spartina (at the pedestrian bridge)
  • An at-grade PXO at the curve to the west of Flat Sedge Crescent.
  • *Feasibility to be investigated 6 speed humps.

Intersections modifications:
Kelly Farm: Addition of a Stop Flex Stake at the west leg.

Widgeon (West):
Addition of a painted crosswalk, and A raised median.

Addition of a median on White Alder (east of Meadowlilly), and a right turn channel on Meadowlilly.

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